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Beet Chickpea Burger

A delicious and healthy burger that will be ready in no time.

What can be more delicious than a homemade beet chickpea burger with side of potatoes AND homemade buns!

This burger is so flavorful, colorful and packed with healthy ingredients and the best part is that it will be ready in less than an hour or even less if making it in a pan.

If you are thinking of treating yourself, you can even top the burger with some vegan cheese and vegan bacon!

Beet Chickpea Burger

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 10-40 minutes

Total Time: 20-60 minutes

Servings: 5-6 patty


  • 5-6 homemade burger buns

  • 1 15.5 oz can chickpea

  • 1 15oz can beets

  • 1 tbsp garlic powder

  • 1 tsp dried oregano

  • 1 tsp dried thyme

  • 1 lemon zest

  • 1 cup processed oatmeal

  • Salt and pepper

  • Slices of Vegan cheese and or Bacon (optional)

  • Roasted potato or french fries (optional)

  • Pickles (optional)

Roasted Potatoes

  • 5-6 potatoes peeled and cute into quarters

  • olive oil

  • 1 tbsp of spices such as thyme and or rosemary


  1. Preheat oven to 375F if baking.

  2. Drain canned chickpea and beets and process in grinder until fine.

  3. Combine the mixture with spices and oatmeal and mix well.

  4. To bake, simply coat a baking tray with oil and shape the mixture into 5-6 patties.

  5. Bake in oven for about 30-40 minutes. Turn halfway.

  6. If pan frying, heat a pan with oil over medium high heat and cook patty for 5-6 minute on each side until golden brown.

  7. To assemble, toast burger buns with vegan butter for about 5 minutes. Place cooked burger on bread and top with any other garnishes such as bacon, cheese, tomato, mustard, ketchup and lettuce.

  8. Serve with side of potatoes, pickles or enjoy the way it is!

Roasted Potatoes

  • Preheat oven to 400F

  • Combine potato with olive oil and spices.

  • Cook in preheated oven until fork tender and golden brown. About 20-25 minutes.

Did you make this recipe? I’d love to see your recreations!

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