My name is Yuhua, the person behind Gobblelickcious. I recently graduated from Johnson and Wales University with a degree in Culinary Arts and Food Service Management. I was originally born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan where I developed a passion for food when I was a little girl. I was adopted at the age of 12 to the US and I feel theres a lack of Asian cuisine in general, let alone Taiwanese food, and when we do come across one, it is usually "Americanized"or is made with unhealthy ingredients. Especially during times like these, animal products are not what they are used to be, instead they are fed with corn, shot up with hormones that is harmful to the animal and us.  I am inspired to explore and share vegan food with you inspired from Taiwan and other countries. I believe that good food starts with not only good quality ingredients but also with the amount of time and passion put into it. Welcome to Gobblelickcious where I will take you all around the world that will make you lick your lips and gobble down delicious food!

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